For this 2nd edition of the Tunis Conference, we will focus on press cartoons with several events and exhibitions designed with the Cartooning for Peace network.

We will be lucky enough to count on the presence of cartoonists Willis from Tunis, Needall, DLog, Belkhamsa, Omrane, who will participate in meetings each day of the program through the drawings they will make live and that you can discover on our screens.

Belkhamsa (Tunisia), member of Cartooning for Peace

Painter, illustrator, caricaturist and scenographer since 1973, Belkhamsa has exhibited in several national and international galleries works of surrealist character and humor drawings. He has been a cartoonist for the newspaper La Presse de Tunisie since 1968, as well as for various other newspapers and magazines. He also illustrates children’s books and produces comic strips for the magazine Kaous Kouzah and for La Presse.

Poster designer and scenographer of many plays of the theater company of the city of Tunis, he also worked on Story-Boards of advertising films, street shows and festivals.

Belkhamsa has participated in several conference-debates on the themes of freedom of expression and the “revolution” of January 2011.

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Dlog (Tunisia), member of Cartooning for Peace

Nadia Dhab, aka Dlog, is a French-Tunisian illustrator and designer. Born in 1970 in Paris, she is passionate about drawing since childhood and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tunis (ITAAUT). After studying communication, then arts and graphic design, she worked for a while in the film industry in Tunisia. She then decided to set up her own business as a freelance graphic designer and art director. The 2011 revolution in Tunisia inspired her and she returned to drawing and illustration. She has been participating in group exhibitions since 2011. She is co-founder of the Tunisian NGO ATIDE (Tunisian Association for Election Integrity and Democracy), founded in 2011. Dlog is a member of Cartoon Movement.

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Needall (Tunisia)

When the revolution broke out in Tunisia on January 14, 2011, Nidhal Ghariani, a former computer scientist, decided to turn to drawing. He then took the pseudonym of Needall (pronounced in English) “in relation to the feeling we had after the 14th, the desire to possess everything, to conquer this freedom of expression and this freedom of thought”

He is one of the founders of the first Tunisian adult comic book with the evocative title of Lab 619… Lab for laboratory obviously and 619, the numbers of the Tunisian bar code. Lab 619 puts the finger on the evils that plague us without any taboo, including homosexuality.

Omrane (Tunisia), member of Cartooning for Peace

Political cartoonist, Tawfiq Omrane (aka Omrane-Cartoons) became known from the 80s by his press drawings in the free press (Le Phare, Almostaqbel, Alwehda, Arraï …), before retiring under the regime of Ben Ali to practice the profession of Graphic Designer.

His owl, cousin of Minerva, took flight again when the dictatorship fell on the evening of January 14, 2011, and this, by collaborating with the newspapers Sawt Echaâb, Aljomhourya, websites Radio Kalima, Radio Express Fm (Tunisia) and the newspaper CQFD and the website The Dissident (France)

He has received two awards: the Academia Award for Cartooning in Tunisia in 2014 as well as the Media & Culture/Cartooning Section Creation Award in Tunisia in 2018.

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Willis from Tunis (Tunisia), member of Cartooning for Peace

Willis from Tunis was born on Thursday, January 13, 2011, during the speech of the deposed Tunisian president, Ben Ali, who promised, among other things, freedom of expression. Initially, this graphic chronicle of the cat was the means to share with the direct entourage of the author, on social networks, his feelings towards the historical situation that Tunisians were living. In a tone of wry humor, the cat chronicled the news from day to day. From about 20 friends on Facebook, Willis from Tunis is followed by more than 53,000 people today.

Nadia Khiari, also known as Willis from Tunis, is an art teacher, painter and draughtswoman. She has published several collections of chronicles of the revolution and has had her drawings published in Siné Mensuel, Courrier International, etc.

She received the Honoré Daumier Prize (at the second Cartooning for Peace meeting in Caen in 2012), the insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Liege in 2013, the International Prize for Political Satire in Forte dei Marmi (October 2014), the Agora Med Prize for Intercultural Mediterranean Dialogue (Italy, June 2015), the prize “Balls in the ass” at the Off Off festival in Angoulême (January 2016), the Cartoonists Prize on the theme “Long live the Women” at the Festival Traits d’Humour (Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, October 2017) as well as the Sokol Prize (Museum of Caricature in Krems, Austria, Sept. 2018).

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