THE EXHIBITION “YEMEN LIFE, DESPITE EVERYTHING…” (in partnership with Internews)

As part of the upcoming Tunis Meetings, we will present in partnership with Internews, a selection of fifteen photos of Yemeni photojournalists at the City of Culture in Tunis (17 to 19 March 2022).

Yemen is a country that does not often make the news despite its rich history and tragic current events. The war since 2015 between the Houthi forces in the North, supported by Iran, and the government, supported by the Saudi coalition and its Western allies has plunged the country into a deep crisis accentuating great poverty and repression. There is still no end in sight and all parties have committed war crimes. Often described as the “worst humanitarian crisis” in the world and at the bottom of every human rights ladder, Yemenis are still trying to survive and live. This exhibition aims to show their daily life.

News of Tunis