Postponement of the 3rd edition of the International Agora for Journalism in Tunis

Since 2018, the International Agora for Journalism in Tunis has brought together journalists from both sides of the Mediterranean, creating a unique forum to promote freedom of expression and the quality of information. Last year, nearly 800 information & media professionals from more than 30 countries shared their experiences and knowledge in the prestigious setting of the Tunis Cultural Center.

It is with infinite sadness that Journalism & Citizenship is forced to suspend the organization of the third edition of the International Agora for Journalism in Tunis scheduled for November 23 to 25, 2023 at the Cultural Center.

It is clear that the current dramatic context does not allow us to serenely organize such a largescale gathering dedicated to the future of journalism.

This is an extremely difficult decision. We share the disappointment of those who were impatiently awaiting this edition. But it must not put an end to the hope of meeting again soon, when the international situation makes it possible.

We ask the organizations, unions, NGOs, and personnalities who have been working alongside us for months to remain more mobilized than ever to keep this irreplaceable space for dialogue and freedom alive.

In Tunis soon, we hope. At the International Agora for Journalism in Tours from March 25. At the European Agora for Journalism in Brussels from November 20, 2024, and in all the human contacts and informal networks that we have built together over the years.

We pay tribute to the journalists of all nationalities who lost their lives to inform us about the realities of ongoing wars.

We stand in solidarity and show unwavering support for journalists who risk losing their lives simply doing their job.

Long live Journalism,

Let’s not kill hope.

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