The exhibition “A year in pictures: 2018 as seen by AFP photographers”

Pedro Pardo (AFP)

To be as close as possible to the field… this is the mission of the 1,600 journalists of 80 different nationalities working for Agence France-Presse.

The exodus of Venezuelans and Hondurans, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, urban pollution, the World Cup, or life in the Far North: their work is essential to understanding the great upheavals of the world.

AFP is one of the three global news agencies.

It transmits some 3,000 photographs every day to newspapers, television stations and websites on five continents.

Located in 151 countries and spread over 201 offices, the Agency’s 500 reporters-photographers synthesize the news and shed light on the human reality of information.

They thus participate, sometimes at the risk of their lives, in a journalism useful to the citizen and to the public debate.

This retrospective in 30 photos is offered by AFP in partnership with the IFT as part of the first International Journalism Conference in Tunis, November 15, 16, 17 at the Cité de la Culture
With the support of Open Media Hub, an EU-funded program of the Thomson Foundation.

November 9-29, 2018
At the French Institute of Tunisia
20-22 avenue de Paris

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