Southern Mediterranean journalists in exile in Europe: challenges and prospects

As part of the 16th edition of the Agoras for journalism in Tours, a workshop brought together a dozen journalists from the southern Mediterranean who were forced to go into exile in Europe because of the threats they faced. Originally from Syria, Egypt, Morocco and Libya, these journalists now live in France, Germany and Belgium. Several dozen or even hundreds of journalists from this region have had to leave their countries and have found refuge in Europe.

However, their situation is not well known: how many are there? Where do they live? What difficulties do they encounter on arrival in Europe or later? Do they continue to practice journalism? Do they work for European media, media in their countries of origin, media in exile?

The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss all these issues with them in order to better understand the role they play in informing European citizens about the situation in their countries, but also in informing the citizens of their countries and providing them with independent and reliable information.

This workshop will allow the integration of recommendations related to the reception and support of journalists from the Southern Mediterranean into the Sahafa Med study that is currently being finalised.

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