Press freedom and journalists’ rights must be respected in the Maghreb

Journalism & Citizenship is committed in 2018 to journalists in the Arab world, particularly in the Maghreb, by launching the International Agoras for journalism in Tunis, with the support of various partners, including the Tunisian Journalists Union (SNJT). The first edition of the Southern Mediterranean Conference was full of hope for freedom of expression and the development of independent media in the Maghreb. It even gave birth to the Sahafa Med initiative which aims to support independent journalism in the southern Mediterranean.

Nearly five years later, we unfortunately note, month after month, the decline in this freedom and the increasing difficulties encountered by journalists in this region in the exercise of their profession. While in recent years the arrests of journalists have multiplied in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, it is now the turn of two directors of leading Maghrebian radio stations, Radio M in Algeria and Mosaïque FM in Tunisia, to be arrested.

In this worrying context, we call on the authorities of the Maghreb countries to respect and protect the rights of journalists and freedom of expression. These attacks are a setback for freedom of expression in this region where youth are so eager to speak out.

Journalism & Citizenship brings on this occasion its full support to colleagues who work every day in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria to produce reliable, independent and quality information.

Faced with the epidemic of misinformation and false information proliferating on social networks, in the Maghreb as everywhere in the world, the role of journalists and professional media is more essential than ever.

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