Launch of an international masterclass on constructive journalism

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Following the 1st European Journalism Symposium in Brussels, the Constructive Institute of Aarhus in Denmark has created a training module in constructive journalism which will be held at the Institute on February 1 and 2, 2023. You have until January 26 to apply.

2-day MasterClass in constructive journalism

Do you need tips, tools and formats to attract audience without clickbait? Do you long for new energy and hope for the future of democracy and journalism? And do you want to learn the latest of the global mega trend in media?

Constructive Institute invites reporters, freelancers and editors to an exclusive international MasterClass on February 1st and 2nd at Aarhus University in Denmark on inspirational, nuanced and engaging reporting.

32 hours of the why and the how journalism can improve – with constructive news people, who have asked now what and documented that change is possible and profitable.

Download the programme here : MasterClass Constructive Institute Aarhus Feb 2023

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> Half of French people wishes climate change to be dealt with in a constructive and solution-oriented way by the media and journalists (Results of the 2020 Survey on Journalism relevance in French society).

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