Podcast : Journalism and Media development challenges and perspectives in North-Africa and in the Middle-East

During the 16th edition of the Agora for Journalism in Tours, the Sahafa Med program brought together its national correspondents and journalists from Southern Mediterranean countries – some exiled in Europe. They recorded a discussion about the support programs and projects implemented by international actors for the benefit of journalists in Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Guests were :

  • Mabrouka Khedir (Tunisia), head of Cosmos, dedicated to environmental issues
  • Manar Rachwani (Syria), journalist and Sahafa Med correspondent
  • Jonathan Dagher (Lebanon), journalist & head of Reporters Without Borders’ Middle East desk
  • Bayan Al Fadl (Syria), Internews
  • Ali Mafhoud (Libya), journalist

David Hivet, Team leader of the Sahafa Med program, moderated the discussion.

Listen to the podcast here

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