Since the beginning, Media and Information Education, whether in or out of school, has been at the heart of the Journalism & Citizenship Association’s approach, notably through the organization of the International Agoras for journalism. In addition to the round tables and workshops on the theme, a jury chaired by a qualified personality awards six prizes each year, worth €1,500, to support and promote the initiatives that are springing up throughout the territory.

To amplify this dynamic, Journalisme & Citoyenneté has decided, with the help of the Ministry of Culture, to take over the management of the site with
the ambition to make it the platform of all the actors of the EMI.
A tool that is simple, practical, effective, and as complete as possible, at the service of all those who are mobilized on this major social issue.

The actors of EMI

Colloquia, meetings, new initiatives, calls for projects, every week, puts a news item on the front page of the EMI, to share it with all the actors. Discover quickly