What’s new on the editorial front in Tunisia, Lebanon and Burkina Faso ?

Media innovations in the French-speaking world were highlighted on 30 March 2023 as part of the programme of the Agora for journalism in Tours. This roundtable was moderated by Jean Kouchner, Secretary-general of the French-speaking press union (UPF). Speakers were Mabrouka Khedir from the Tunisian environmental media Cosmos, Inoussa Maïga, ffounder of the Agribusiness online TV channel in Burkina Faso, as well as Emilie Sueur, Director of L’Orient Le Jour digital development in Lebanon..

The speakers addressed the challenges they face,such as their media sustainability, and highlighted the innovations of their media. Cosmos is one of the very first media in the Arab world to focus exclusively on climate change and environmental issues. Agribusiness TV is a web TV that focuses on agricultural issues in Burkina and Africa more generally. L’Orient Le Jour, a daily newspaper that will turn 100 next year, presented its digital strategy. Today, the paper’s readership is largely located beyond the borders of Lebanon. This represents a significant gorwth potential for the Lebanese media.

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