CFI, partner of the Agoras for journalism in Tunis

CFI, a subsidiary of France Médias Monde, promotes the development of media in the countries of the South, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, the Mediterranean and the Levant. The agency identifies and analyzes needs, then invests alongside the media, the professionals who run them and civil society actors who are committed to pluralist and democratic information in their countries.

CFI designs and implements projects that rely on local media to expand, densify, and give credibility to the space for information and debate, particularly in regions exposed to conflict, political destabilization, and pandemics.

Its teams are working on some thirty projects that fall under three main programs: media and governance, media and business, and media and development.

At the heart of its action: youth, or rather the youth of African and Mediterranean countries; digital technology and its new distribution channels; the French-speaking world and the values it embodies.

CFI is a privileged partner of the 1st International Journalism Conference in Tunis.

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