Welcome to The Council of Europe

In 1989 it took on the specific role of providing a
political anchor point and protecting human rights for the new democracies in
eastern Europe, helping the countries of central and eastern Europe to
implement and consolidate political, legislative and constitutional reforms in
parallel to their economic reforms, and providing know-how in such fields as
human rights, local democracy, culture and environment.




« Fighting
discrimination and promoting intercultural dialogue is a collective
responsibility but it is also down to individuals.  That is the message of
the Council of Europe’s « Speak out against discrimination »
campaign.  And since the media and media professionals have a major role
to play in combating discrimination and encouraging intercultural dialogue, the
Council of Europe has sought to involve all the media industry’s players (publishers,
regulators etc) in its anti-discrimination campaign and have them debate and
propose solutions for promoting a culture of tolerance and mutual
understanding, bearing in mind the media’s contribution to informing the public
and forming opinion.  It is for this reason that the Council of Europe, an
institution at the forefront of promoting and protecting freedom of expression,
is hosting the 3rd International Symposium for media professionals at the
Palais de l’Europe in Strasbourg ».



Director for Education, Culture & Heritage, Youth & Sports

Coordinator for Intercultural Dialogue and for the Campaign « Speak out
against Discrimination

Council of Europe

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