Everything you ever wanted to know about the Conference

After Lille in 2007
and 2008, it is up to Strasbourg to accomodate for the second year the Fourth Conference on
Journalism that has come to Alsace to the invitation of the Council of Europe.
(A Special Edition of The Conference on Journalism was also
held last january in Paris in order to discuss Les Etats Généraux de la Presse Ecrite organized
by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy).
During 3 days, journalists, media
owners, teachers and professional organizations will meet in Strasbourg and
debate on issues linked to the practices of journalism and their evolution.


The morning and early afternoon debates (2 – 4 PM) will be open to the professionals of Information, after registration. The late afternoon debates (5 – 7 PM) will be open to the
largest audience.


Every year, The
Conference on Journalism invites journalists from two foreign countries
to come and share ideas, experiments and projects with their French colleagues,
one country being part of Europe, the other being non-European. In 2007,
India and Poland were the guests, then we welcomed the US and Italy for the 2008
Edition. The Third conference focused on the whole of Europe to celebrate the partnership with the Council of Europe.

In 2010, we will invite Germany and Iran to join us in our debates.

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